In trying to diffuse human self-consciousness in front of camera, I tend to look for a means of bodily expression outside of the face. Traditional portraits focus on the bust and the face thrown into a public environment. In Hair, I create portraiture of the individual from the bust up, but underwater in my subject's private bathtub and from the back of the head; the private environment is reassuring to the subject but also causes tension when it becomes a public area for the shoot. My subject is cut off from the noise of the camera underwater and unaware of the moment the photograph is taken. His or her hair takes on a relaxed and fluid life of it's own in water but the hair remains inherently part of the subject. I choose to allow the colors to vary in my images to reflect the fact that each subject is physically unique and in a very individualized environment. The subject is aware that the camera is there but at the same time semi-disconnected from the process. Like in Rest, the result is a nontraditional portrait that allows me to evoke a specific and unique moment in my subject's existence.

Hair, 2008
Hair, 2008
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